In this hectic world It is much difficult to take care of yourself. Similarly hair care is also a tremendous task. In this world full of fashion every one needs long and shiny hair although one finds it very difficult to take care of their hair. Here are some tricks and tips By which You can make your hair that looks perfect-

  • Always comb your hair at-least twice a day to make it healthier.
  • Never comb Wet hair because wet hair are more prompt to be damaged easily .
  • Try to oil your hair once a week.
  • Do not use conditioner more often rather than you car use a hair serum to make your hair shinny and non-freazy.
  • Try to avoid sleeping in pony tails or even in buns. Open your hair while sleeping it will reduce count of splittens.
  • Whenever You wash your hair make sur that you firstly oil your hair(it makes hair look shinny and silky after wash).